Sermon Archive (Page 12)

Sermon Archive (Page 12)

The Day of the Lord

One of the classes I took in seminary was called ‘Book of the Twelve,’ which is another name for the section of the Bible that includes Amos, as well as Jonah, Micah, and all the other prophetic books that aren’t big enough to hit someone with. And so we worked our way through all twelve of the prophetic books in the Book of the Twelve, and concluded the class by…

Lead Me and Teach Me

t’s great to be here this morning. It’s so wonderful to see everyone, especially with the time change, and it’s thrilling to be here at last, preaching and pastoring and leading worship. As you probably know, it was a long, looong road to get here, and I’m so excited to finally be here. I’ve found that I don’t know where to start, in so many ways. I sat in front of my…


We are in the middle of the 12 days of Xmas- one of the themes of the Xmas season that often gets a back seat – is that Jesus came to earth at the right moment. You no doubt know that because Jesus came to earth brought about a new age- a new era so that time was divided into BC & AD or in politically correct terminology BCE & AD.