Who We Are

Who We Are

Who are we?  In Christ, we are growing in purpose, vision and grace.

Our core values are:

God is in charge! When we gather, we pray. We read Scripture. We trust the crucified and resurrected Jesus is with us, and we are led by his Spirit.

God matters seven days a week. The pressures of every day life tempt us to forget God’s love. We will try to be clear how we live in faith at home, at work, in retirement….and everywhere.

God welcomes everyone. No exceptions.

God’s work, our hands. It’s astounding, but true, even in our brokenness and need–especially in our brokenness and need–God uses us to bring hope to the world. Marked with the sign of the cross, God’s people have gifts to share.

God’s work embraces community.  Christ calls to us through the needs of our neighbors.  Rooted in God’s grace, we bloom where God plants us…on Bower Hill Road, in our homes, jobs, families, volunteer work.