I see your building on Bower Hill Road at 1700 Bower Hill, but I’m not certain how to get in the building or where to park.   Can you help me?

Ah yes.  One of the great challenges of having a building built on a hillside!   The entrance to the parking lot is off of Kane Blvd.  There is a back lobby off of the parking lot that serves as the “main lobby.”  There is a small handicapped parking lot parallel to Kane Blvd and a handicapped-accessible entrance on the Bower Hill Road side of the building.

When I visit Good Shepherd can I take Holy Communion?

Holy Communion is given to all baptized Christians who wish to commune,  no matter what your church background or however long it has been since you have been in church.  Lutherans believe that the body and blood of Christ is given with the bread and the wine, although we do not know how this happens.  Communion is God’s gift to us to strengthen our faith.  If you have any questions, please contact the church office at 412-276-2446.

When I visited your congregation, I noticed that you had a bowl of water at the back of the worship space.  Why?  

Another great question!  That bowl of water–and the stand that holds it–is called a baptismal font.  It is just plain water.  During baptisms, the water is used with God’s Word as a gift to join the baptized person to Christ.  In this way, God forgives sin, promises eternal life, makes a person a part of a church, and begins the life of faith.  We keep the baptismal font near the door as a reminder of the gift.

Can my child be baptized at Good Shepherd?

In the Lutheran tradition, both infants and adults are baptized.  For further inquiries, please call 412-276-2446.