Sunday January 28th 2018

1 Corinthians 8:1-13

Paul is concerned about how some Corinthian Christians use their freedom in Christ as license to engage in non-Christian behavior that sets a damaging example to other, impressionable, believers. Christians have a responsibility to each other that their behavior does not cause a sister or brother to sin.

Sunday January 14th 2018

Gospel: Mark  1:4-11

Mark’s gospel reports the story of Jesus’ baptism with some irony: the one on whom the Spirit descends is himself the one who will baptize others with the Holy Spirit.

Sunday, January 7th 2018

During January and February we will be in the Epiphany Season. Epiphany begins with the Magi coming to Jesus and ends with the Transfiguration when Jesus takes his
disciples to the mountain top where Moses and Elijah meet with Jesus. Today being Baptism of our Lord Sunday, it is a good day for us to recall and celebrate
our own baptisms. As you leave, feel free to dip your fingers into the water of the baptismal font and mark your forehead with the sign of the cross.